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Wednesday, May 27, 2009
8:10 PM |

http://overly-possessive.tumblr.com (:
Sunday, May 24, 2009
8:29 AM |

This blog ends here, today!
new blog url will be posted another day (:
Sunday, May 10, 2009
8:43 AM |

wordy post with no photos ...
hate the way how a loser behaves.
i ran into 3 losers in this month.. or rather this year.
2 were close to me, very...

she is pathetic, she got her retribution.
she goes back to her shelter, her motherly love only when she needs it, but when she don't, she dumps her like a used piece of tissue paper. you've been thru just too much, but this isnt the way things are supposed to be. I pity you, of cos. But you're not the least grateful, not appreciating what we did for you. SO I GIVE UP ON YOU, INGRATE!

second, i hate ppl who back stab me! back stab meaning talk bad bout me behind my back.
that's what i hate and that's also the main reason on how i got into trouble the first ever time. like what i said, i can FORGIVE but i wont FORGET. pls remember how you treat me, and i will definitely how you had treated me, these months.

i would like to thank you for putting up with my nonsense these 15+years. its enough to drive you crazy, calls from the school every now and then, shoutings and screamings from me, arguing with you. I feel bad, bout it was not on purpose. I hope you know how i feel towards you...
millions of thanks is not enough to express my gratitude.

Des just told me that Tuesday is Jingli's bbq.
and im having exam the next day. sad thing.
Im going to try to make it becos he's been a great help to me, a great friend and most important of all, its once in a while!
im going to convince my mom to allow me to go and i'll be back home early!

History, Chemistry, Physics, Maths paper2, POA paper up next this week.
Bless me for all and may i get promoted tgt with 3n1! :D
Sunday, May 3, 2009
5:51 AM |

Overdued photos.

Aku Cinta 3n1. :D

On friday, went out with Rumin, Yishian, Meijuan, Thiamhong, Jasper, Dion, Marco, Brandon and Derrick. sorta class outing tgt with Yayun, our ex chinese teacher. totally cool.
swensens first, then slacked, movie(X-Men) with marco, jasper, thiamhong and dion and marco's brother. very nice show (:
took a bus to 819, Jiahui came, slacked and had beer. Marco send us back by cab at around 12am! hawhaw!
Friday, April 17, 2009
9:17 AM |

Everything is not going as well as expected.
studies, family and lastly friendship.
nothing is going right i supposed.
i hope exams are over soon so i can go for a break. do wait for me Thailand & Malaysia!

anyway, movie today with Joanne.
Sniper was somehow nice, I'll rate it 7/10.
Edison Chen is W-O-W.
meet Des.C and walked to Niglel's house. Derrick was there already. They had majong while I stoned there, playing games. Homed at 12am.

English Paper 1 & 2 over, like pheww~
Next Fri, Social Studies paper and Chinese Paper 1 if im not wrong.
very very confident for Social Studies cos' i scored full marks for Social Studies TA2 and 8/10 for TA1, very proud of it!
Mid-Year coming, in like weeks time, gota mug hard. Can't afford to waste another year.
then i can proceed on with N's then ITE/Poly for early childhood or child psychology. Got it all planned!

*Pray that things gets better for me, us.

Photos uploaded another time, i'll be back!
Friday, March 20, 2009
8:59 AM |

We went prawning on Thursday with Wanli, my cousin, Max, Max's bro, Max's cousin, Jiamin, Rumin & Weixuan. At the same time, Wanli taught me Chemisty too. & Same thing, the fucking weather ruined our day. It was hot like something on burning. We only managed to catch 1 prawn, all thanks to Jiamin. But the uncle was being very kind to gave us other 5 big fat prawns. We went to the dog farm afterward, it smelled like some pig farm. We intend to ask somebody on the road to drive us out becos it was hot and it was a very long way out. But again, some bloody kind uncle offered to drive us out to the main road. And it was a lorry, big enough to drive all of us. What a lucky day. Sitting at the lorry is very windy and Wanli was shouting all the way, "very itchy."
Took a bus over to Pasir ris inter, then we had trouble deciding where to go... different people wanted to go different place however, we still went to Max's house to have the prawns cooked by Max's maid. Called for Pizza delivery but their service totally sucked cos we waited more than a hour for the pizza. Safra after that, roam around and had our daily jokes. Pooled again and i managed to persuade Weixuan & Max to send me home :D Saw Jingli on the way back.




Delicious prawns.

Wanli is afraid of wind.

Stinking dog farm.


Rumin, Jiamin & Weixuan.

Max's brother.

Malaysia was great! What's more its with my family, relatives! the place we stayed in is not like those kampong kind, it's those hotel kind, but smaller. The torturous sun almost killed me! It was scorching hot there... Malaysia is always much better than S'pore.



Fireworks! :D

Darren was practically crying throughout the 2 days, too pampered.

On the boat, coolllll.


small shark.


on the boat.

Had Subway at Paya Lebar with Wanli & Max on Tues, Jiamin & Rumin then came & join us.
slacked our butts off at MacDonald and decided on Geylang next. went roaming about and we settle down at a coffee shop, eating prawn noodles.
Wanli bus back to Tiong Bahru.(HAHAHA) while we cab to Safra, Max & Jiamin played 1 round of pool and they went home, while Max walked with me back to my house and she took a bus back.
Friday, March 13, 2009
5:34 AM |

school is very good for me.
i stayed back in school for extra class on wed & Thur and self study on Fri. I don't know why i manage to stayed back in sch till like 4pm, maybe its because i can find peace there, i mean nobody would wanna quarrel with me in school right?
im going Malaysia tmr, back on Sunday night.
excited! :D
Blog when im back!

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